Descendants of soldiers in the Ninth Georgia Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, CSA

(Photo of Capt. George Hillyer, courtesy of Wright Sullivan, (his GGGrandson) My Thanks!

From Capt. Hillyer's Official Report on the 9th's actions at Gettsyburg, 2 July, 1863, in the Wheatfield. "The regiment lost 2 officers (Lieutenant-Colonel Mounger and Lieutenant [E. W.] Bowen) killed, and 11 officers wounded; also 25 enlisted men killed and 119 men wounded, and 1 officer and 31 men missing; total, 189. There were many officers and men who displayed a degree of daring and heroism which challenges admiration in the very highest degree, and the whole regiment behaved with its customary steadiness and devotion, as the loss of 189 out of 340 carried into the field will testify." For Capt. Hillyer's Complete report, click HERE!

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Listed below are the names and email address of descendants of the men of the regiment: Members of the toughest army the world has ever seen-The Army of Northern Virginia! May God grant mercy to such brave men. These "Sons of the South" were ALL heroes!

The "Southern Cross of the Legion of Honor", also called the "Southern Cross of Honor"

"Deo Vindice" is Latin for "GOD Our Vindicator"

"Click" on the descendant's underlined name to send an email. It will automatically set up the email form.

Descendant: Neal Griffin
Descendant: Mary Carpenter
Descendant: Jeanne Griffin
Descendant: Elizabeth (Beth) Alston
Descendant: Alan Anderson
Descendant: Virgil Cobb Bourgon
Soldier: Private Jacob W. Cobb, K Co. Partial Copy of CSA Service Record, click HERE!
Photo of the Cobb brothers, Jacob and William, click HERE!
Soldier: Lieutenant William A. Cobb, K Co.
Soldier: Private Avery Cobb, K Co.

Descendant: Neal Griffin
Descendant: Jack Scott
Descendant: Alan Anderson
Soldier: Private James A. Daniel, K Co. Casualty List, click HERE!
Photo, click HERE!
Letters, click HERE!

Descendant: Bill Brown
Soldier: Private James H. Brown, I Co.

Descendant: Bob Walker
Soldier: Private Seaborn Fambrough, F Co.

Descendant: David Espy
Soldier: Private W.C. Edmondson, B Co.

Descendant: Hugh Davis
Soldier: Private W.T. Post, B Co.
Soldier: Private J.F. Post, B Co.

Descendant: Linda Lewis
Soldier: Private John J. Tucker, H Co.

Descendant: Jim Griffin
Soldier: Lieutenant Felix Griffin, A Co.

Descendant: Ronald Suggs
Soldier: Private Wright Suggs, K Co.

Descendant: David Shepherd
Soldier: Private Randolph Rowe, I Co.

Descendant: Debora Bell McFearin
Soldier: Private David Bell, I Co.
Soldier: Private John Bell, I Co.
Soldier: Private Mitchell Woods, I Co.
Soldier: Private Hiram Bland, I Co.

Descendant: Judy Cassady Cummings
Soldier: Sergeant Russell M. Cassady, G Co.

Descendant: Jamie Atkinson Bryant
Descendant: Steve Ray
Soldier: Private Whitmell Samuel Atkinson, B Co.

The Battle Flag of the Ninth Georgia Infantry Regiment

Descendant: Neil Johnson
Descendant: Janice Hill
Soldier: Corporal Enoch Johnson, K Co. PHOTO, click HERE!
Casualty List, click HERE!

Descendant: Charles Miller
Descendant: Jack Hotchkiss
Descendant: Smith C. Banks
Soldier: Private Chesley Alderman, I Co.
"Roll of Honor" for Gettysburg (mid-page) click HERE!

Descendant: Troy Williams
Soldier: Private Thomas J. Jones, D Co. PHOTO, Click Here!

Descendant: Aubrey Steve Martin
Descendant: Jim Burnham
Soldier: 5th Sergeant Joel C. Burnham, D Co. (Chaplain of Regiment). Photo, Click HERE!

Descendant: Jim Oxford
Descendant: Steve Oxford
Soldier: Private J.L. Oxford, E Co. U.C.V. Identification, and delegate certificate, Click Here!

Descendant: William C. Lane
Descendant: Casey Lane
Soldier: Private William G. Lane, K Co.

Descendant: William David Jones
Descendant: Jim Campbell
Soldier: Major William Jones, B Co. Photo, Click HERE!
Soldier: Sergeant John A. Jones, B Co. Photo, and sword, Click HERE!
Soldier: Private James E. Jones, B Co. Photo, Click HERE!

Descendant: Daniel Digby
Descendant: Joe Digby
Soldier: Private George W. Digby, F Co.

Descendant: Chad White
Soldier: Private William C. Edmonson, B Co.

Descendant: Claire Lofton Aldridge
Soldier: Private Giles O. Lofton, D Co.

Descendant: T.J. Roberts
Descendant: James M. Roberts
Soldier: Private Thomas N. Scoggins, B Co.

Descendant: Ed Rowe
Soldier: Private Charles B. Rowe, C Co.
Soldier: Private David R. Rowe, C Co.
Soldier: Private Richard F. Rowe, C Co.

Descendant: John Cleghorn
Descendant: David Cleghorn
Soldier: Captain William Cleghorn, B Co.

God Save the South!

Descendant: Dorothy Renaud
Soldier: Private Stephen H. Carson, G Co.

Descendant: Bob Kelly
Soldier: Private James Kelly, C Co.
Killed in action. PHOTO, click HERE!

Descendant: Judy Milliken
Soldier: Private T.F. Logan, K Co.

Descendant: Mark Anderson
(also see Sgt. Cuyler Neville below)
Soldier: 2nd Lieutenant Solomon Akins, I Co.
Soldier: Private James Akins, I Co.
Soldier: Private Lewis S. Akins, I Co.
Soldier: Private Stephen J. Riggs, I Co.

Descendant: Col. R.J. McDonald and Barbara Anne McDonald
Descendant: Carolyn Jean McDonald Starling
Descendant: Frances Allred
Soldier: Private A.J. McDonald, C Co.

Descendant: Rita G. Thigpen
Soldier: Private Thomas Callaghan, I Co.

Descendant: S. Martin Barker
Soldier: Private Leander Green, H Co. PHOTO, click HERE!
Soldier: Private John W. Bassett, H Co.

Descendant: Wright Sullivan
Descendant: Bernard Wolff
Descendant: Frances Allred
Soldier: Captain George Hillyer, C Co. PHOTO, click HERE!
Hillyers's "Official Gettysburg Report", click HERE!
Newspaper article from the Athens (Ga.) Southern Banner,7/23/1863, click HERE!

Descendant: Dan Bray
Descendant: Ray Hathcock
Soldier: Private Milledge Lumpkin Bray, K Co. (listed as L.N. Bray)
Soldier: Private Linson A. Bray, K Co.
Soldier: Private Jarrett C. Bray, K Co.

Descendant: David Moore
Descendant: Tim Westbrook
Soldier: Private Isham M. Moore, G Co.
Soldier: Private Hamilton G. Moore, G Co. PHOTO, click HERE!

Descendant: Ernest Smith
Soldier: Private Duncan Smith, G Co. Photo, click HERE!

Descendant: Brantley Barrow
Soldier: Sgt. William T. Conn, F Co.

Descendant: Jonathon Bourdon
Descendant: Phyllis Doss
Soldier: Private Jesse Peek, K Co. Photo, click HERE!

Descendant: Paul Reddick
Descendant: Fran Henle Taylor
Soldier: Private General W. Woods, I Co.
Soldier: Private Luke P. Woods, I Co.
Soldier: Private Mitchell Woods, I Co.
Soldier: Private Rhemer Scarborough, I Co.
Soldier: Private Shadrack Scarborough, I Co.

Descendant: Zane Geier
Descendant: Gerald Geier
Descendant: Cathy Conner Rose
Descendant: Tania Renee Carr
Soldier: Private James W. Conner, C Co. Photo, and pension letter-click HERE!

Descendant: Greg C. White
Soldier: Captain James M.D. King, Company Commander, K Co.

Descendant: Keith Norris
Soldier: Private Jackson V. Waters, I Co. Physician's letter-click HERE!

Descendant: Byron G. Harris
Descendant: Diane Moore
Soldier: Private Henry Clay Tison, K Co. Parole-click HERE!

Descendant: Bobbie B. Coons
Soldier: Colonel Edwin Ross Goulding, Regimental Staff

Descendant: William Sutlive
Soldier: Corporal John W. Sutlive, Jr., D Co.

Descendant: Wanda Whittaker
Soldier: Private Thomas J. Harris, B Co.
Soldier: Private Joseph H. Harris, B Co.

Descendant: Sharon Nolan Churchwell
Soldier: Private Benjamin F. Nolan, F Co.

Descendant: Wade Barr
Descendant: Mark Anderson
Soldier: 3rd Sergeant Cuyler Neville, I Co. Photo-click HERE!

Descendant: Edwin Turlington
Soldier: Captain Robert A. Hardee, H Co.

Descendant: Richard Atkinson
Soldier: Private Whitmel Samuel Atkinson, B Co.

Descendant: Malcolm Boyco
Descendant: Gila Ragan Hoover
Soldier: Junior 2nd Lieutenant Josa D. Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Mark Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Virgil B. Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Cornelius H. Ragan, C Co.

Descendant: Bob Spence
Soldier: Private John Daniel, E Co.

Descendant: Dean Honeycutt
Soldier: 4th Sergeant James Clarke Hinton, C Co.

Descendant: Greg Starbuck
Soldier: Private Benjamin W. Sorrells, C Co.

Descendant: K. Anne Russo
Soldier: Assistant Surgeon Henry A. Andrews, Regimental Staff

Descendant: Nalda Gibson
Soldier: Private John B. Newberry, K Co.
Soldier: Private Henry G.R. Oliver, K Co.

Descendant: Larry and Mary (Nolan) Harms
Soldier: Private Bejamin F. Nolan, F Co.

Descendant: Anthony LaRocca, II
Soldier: 4th Corporal John W. Sims, C Co.
Soldier: Private John Calvin Sims, C Co.
Soldier: Private Walter P. Sims, C Co.

Descendant: Joseph Huber
Soldier: Colonel Edward F. Hoge, Regimental Staff Photo of Col. Hoge's Colt pistol-click HERE!

Descendant: Gila Ragan Hoover
Soldier: Junior 2nd Lieutenant Josa D. Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Mark Silas Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Virgil Burkett Ragan, C Co.
Soldier: Private Cornelius H. Ragan, C Co.

Descendant: Benton Fletcher
Soldier: Private Columbus W. Brooks, C Co.

Descendant: Leo Parrish
Soldier: Private Isaiah Parrish, I Co. Photo of Private Isaiah Parrish, click HERE!
Soldier: Private Ezekiel Parrish, I Co.

Descendant: Frank Bacon
Descendant: Robert (Bob)L. Carter
Soldier: Private James Wells Ponder, K Co.

Descendant: Virginia Williams Kuhn
Soldier: Private James A. Williams, B Co.

Descendant: Frank Bacon
Descendant: Robert (Bob)L. Carter
Soldier: Adjutant Augustus Octavius Bacon, Regimental Staff

Descendant: Billy B. Brown. Jr.
Soldier: Private George W. Brown, D Co.
Soldier: 4th Corporal James E. Brown, D Co.
Soldier: Private Robert S. Brown, D Co.
Soldier: Private T.E.M. Brown, D Co.

God Save the South!

Descendant: Karey LeBlanc
Descendant: Stacy Curry
Soldier: Private Edmund S. Beard, G Co.
Soldier: Private Elbert A. Beard, G Co.
Soldier: Private Jackson A. Beard, G Co.
Soldier: Private William C. Beard, G Co. (appears also as Beaird and Baird)

Descendant: Ronnie Barber
Soldier: Private Monroe F. Fuller, C Co.

Descendant: Daniel W. Burn
Soldier: Private John H. Champion, F Co.

Descendant: Derrel Millican
Soldier: Private P.B. Millican, B Co.

Descendant: Robert (Bob) L. Carter
Soldier: Private James Wells Ponder, K Co.

Descendant: Judith Montine Lee
Descendant: William A. Lee, III
Soldier: Private Thomas J. Michael, C Co. Confederate "Roll Of Honor" citation for Pvt. Michael, click HERE!

Descendant: Peter Hill
Soldier: Private James B. Johnson (Johnston), G Co.

Descendant: Christopher Knight
Soldier: Captain Thomas J. Knight, I Co.

Descendant: Jerry Cook
Soldier: Brigadier General George T. Anderson, Brigade Commander Photo of Gen. Anderson, click HERE!

Descendant: Brad Norwood
Soldier: Private William H. Parker, K Co. Photo of Pvt. Parker, click HERE!

Descendant: Frank Wilkins
Descendant: Calvin Wilkins
Soldier: Private George W. Wilkins, C Co.
Soldier: 5th Sgt. Samuel M. Wilkins, C Co. Photo of Sgt. Wilkins, click HERE!

Descendant: Jim Scoggins
Descendant: Ralph West Mills
Soldier: Sergeant Thomas N. Scoggins, B Co.
Soldier: Private Levi J. Scoggins, B Co.
Soldier: Private M.G. Scoggins, B Co.

Descendant: Ralph West Mills
Soldier: Private John Barnett, B Co.
Soldier: Private John Mills, G Co. Confederate "Roll Of Honor" citation for Pvt. Mills, click HERE!

Descendant: Daniel Quinn
Soldier: Private Jasper Delalb Williams, D Co.Photo of Pvt. Williams, click HERE!

Descendant: Wanda Burney McHann
Soldier: Private Reuben J. Morris, A Co.

Descendant: Thomas Boardman
Soldier: Private Julius N. Taylor, F Co.

Descendant: J. Allen Bath
Descendant: Garland Jerome Bath
Soldier: Private George W. Bath, I Co. Photo of Pvt. Bath, click HERE!

Descendant: Jeff & Nicole Mullennix
Soldier: Private Benjamin Franklin Mullinax, F Co.

Descendant: Steve Hendrix
Soldier: Sgt. Patrick Henry Hendricks, I Co.

Descendant: E.A. (Joe) Brack, Jr.
Soldier: Pvt. Lewis Akins, I Co.
Soldier: Pvt. James Akins, I Co.
Soldier: 2nd Lt. Solomon Akins, I Co.

Descendant: Bob Jones
Soldier: Lt. Lewis B. Millican, B Co.

Descendant: Paul Lee
Soldier: Sgt. William C. Lee, F Co. Photo of Sgt. Lee, click HERE!

Descendant: Steffan Turnipseed
Soldier: Col. Richard A. Turnipseed

Descendant: Joe Glenn Allmon,III
Soldier: Pvt. Edmund S. Beard, G Co.

Descendant: Bud Cates
Soldier: Pvt. John Daniel Morgan, E Co.

Descendant: Sven Jordan
Soldier: Pvt. Haywood Brookins, F Co.

Descendant: Bruce Mullininx
Soldier: Pvt. Randolph Rowe, I Co.

Descendant: Sam Chappell
Soldier: Pvt. Posey M. Catlett, G Co.

Descendant: Joe Glenn Allmond III, and Edwin "Butch" Beaird
Soldier: Pvt. Edmund S. Beaird, G Co.

Descendant: Jeremy Holland
Soldier: Pvt. Alexander Gray, E Co.

Descendant: Lawrence West
Soldier: 2nd Corp. John C.West, K Co.
Soldier: Pvt. William H. West, K Co.

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