Sidearm of Col. Edward F. Hoge
Ninth Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, C.S.A.

Due to the generosity of Mr. Damon Mills, dealer in fine, antique weapons
(of Montgomery, Ala.), I am able to publish a photo of the 1851 Navy Colt carried by Colonel Edward F. Hoge of the 9th Georgia Infantry. Mr. Mills' website can be accessed by clicking HERE!
Mr. Mills' commentary follows under the photo.

Photo of a typical .36 calibre Colt Navy bullet.

Mr. Mills-"This gun is a solid, very good condition example of the Hartford address Colt Navies that were shipped into the South. It is all matching and in untouched condition. It has at least 90% of the cylinder scene with much of the grip varnish intact. It has a really nice light brown patina. It is inscribed on the butt "E F Hoge". In my mind, it takes a little more than a marking to make an ID like this positive. In this case, in addition to the ID on the gun, its serial number is in the middle of a range of Navies known to be shipped into the South in 1860. It is about 300 numbers below the serial number of the Navy Sam Colt presented to the Governor of Alabama. That presentation was in appreciation of the Governor's purchase of a batch of Colt Navies. Further, the serial number of this gun is 95509 and a friend of mine owns another Hartford Navy whose serial number is 95099 which is ID'd to a Georgia Cavalryman. This gun also turned out to be ID'd to a Georgian. There is little doubt that a group of these guns in this range went to Georgia. E F Hoge was from Walker County Georgia. He joined Company G, of the 9th Georgia Infantry on 12 June 1861 as a 2nd Lieutenant. He was promoted to Captain of the Company 28 August 1861. He was wounded at Gettysburg on 2 July 1863. Then in August of 1863, he was promoted to Lt. Colonel. In March 1864, he was promoted to Colonel. He was again wounded in March of 1865 and disabled. The 9th Georgia Infantry was in Anderson's Brigade, Field's Division of the Army of Northern Virginia."

Colonel Hoge's sisters were the makers of the 9th Georgia's Regimental battle flag......
Col. Hoge's abbrieviated record, as it appears in Lillian Henderson's "Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia, 1861-1865":
"G" Company was from Walker County, Georgia, the "Lafayette Volunteers".
Hoge, Edward F.-Jr.2nd Lieutenant June 12, 1861 . Elected Captain August 28, 1861 . Wounded at Gettysburg, Pa. July 2, 1863 .
Elected Lieutenant Colonel August 17, 1863 ; Colonel March 1, 1864 . Reported disabled by wounds March 3, 1865 . No later record.

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